[JCI] Balkan Conference 2023 vom 21.04.2023 bis 23.04.2023 (= 3 Tage)

Chisinau, Moldova
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21.04.2023 - 23.04.2023 (= 3 Tage)

The 6th JCI Balkan Conference, dedicated to young and starting entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as aspiring JCI leaders, will be held in the capital of Moldova – Chisinau.

In a collaborative effort, young entrepreneurs and business professionals from seven countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine are organizing an event meant to build business collaboration and exchange know-how. Delagates from other countries are more than welcome to join and learn more about the business environment in the region.

During three days we will exchange business know-how, discuss important topics relating to female empowerment in business, exchange JCI project best practices, provide JCI trainings, and network together.

Conference & Accommodation 325€