Welcome to the world of JCI & WJ am 04.02.2023

#FORTSCHRITT Office, Gitschiner Str. 92, 10969 Berlin
(Google Maps)
10:00 - 15:00 + evening networking

2023 will be our year! Why? Because we are about to officially found our International Chapter, make it a solid component of JCI und WJ network.

We want to use the internationality and diversity in Berlin-Brandenburg to shape the future of our intercultural city by building an international, English-speaking chapter.

We want to empower and connect international minded young citizens in the capital region.
Our aim is to be a meeting point for internationally minded young people aspiring for personal growth and positive impact.

JCI Berlin International, here we come!

But before we can do all of that... What actually is JCI? And what is WJ?

Come and join us on this journey and explore this new world with us.

We have a day of training with all the best JCI has to offer.

Meet the awesome JCI trainer team that make this event possible:
Verena Kaschlan (head trainer)
Sina Lotter
Jonas Pfitzner


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