Diversity Day am 18.05.2021

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Together for diversity!

Diversity adds new ideas and experiences while letting people learn from each other. Bringing in different perspectives leads to better problem-solving. Working in diverse teams opens dialogue, promotes creativity and enables innovation. Diversity is the key for a promising future.


The dimensions of diversity are varied. In our evening event we will focus on the aspects of gender and sexual orientation.


We will welcome two key note speakers:


Michaela Elschner, LGBT*IQ Netzwerk RWE



Charlene Liu, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting, based in Shanghai.



We will get insights into the personell stories of both speakers, compare the status of Diversity & inclusion in Germany and China and talk about best practices for companies that want to become more diverse. There will be enough room for discussions. Please bring all your questions.


Join us on Zoom, here is the link tp the event:



Meeting-ID: 938 9845 0163

Kenncode: 303105